Charlie Bink

Hey everyone,

For the last year of my life I’ve been working my butt off on this game - Trekking the National Parks. I designed it, created all the art, and now I’m self publishing it. So the time has finally come to launch on Kickstarter!

Besides being an independent artist, I’m also an avid gamer. My goal was to make something fun and easy to learn that families and friends could enjoy together.

So if you are a fan of games, National Parks, or even just my art, please help me out by pledging to this project! You can also help by simply reblogging this post. Thanks.

Screw waiting. I want to be chosen. I am sick of waiting for someone to realize I am great. I want to be with someone who knows that I’m great. I want to be someone’s first choice. Patience doesn’t mean waiting around forever. It means waiting around until a resolution is reached. Until a conclusion can be drawn.

Higitus Figitus

Higitus Figitus zumbabazing
I want your attention everything!
We’re packing to leave. Come on, let’s go.
No no, not you! Books are always first, you know.

Hockety pockety wockety wack
Abracabra dabra nack
Shrink in size very small
We’ve got to save enough room for all
Higitus Figitus migitus mum

Cicero you belong to the Cs
Alphabetical order please
Ali-i-ca-fez bal-a-ca-zez
Malacamez meripides
Diminish diminish dictionary
Those words in your vocabulary
Hockety pockety wockety wack
That’s the way we have to pack.
Higitus Figitus migitus mum

Higitus Figitus zoomacazam
Stop! Stop!

Don’t get in a traffic jam
Sugar bowl you’re getting rough
The poor old tea set is cracked enough

Merlin: Alright let’s start again.
Ah…Oh, where was I boy?
Wart: Ah, hockety pockety?
Merlin: Oh yes, yes that’s right…

Hockety pockety wockety wack
Odds and ends and bric a brac
Higitus Figitus migitus mum,
Higitus Figitus migitus mum,